We provide solutions to all kinds of translation-related issues, including Human/Automatic Translation Services and website translating. Cross Language

Automatic Translation

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WEB-Transer @ SDK translation API
Solve problems such as information leakage, and cut translation costs!

We offer translation API information and incorporate an automatic translation function,
to provide and develop services and products.

  • Text translation
  • WEB translation
  • Real-time translation
  • Search portal sites
  • SNS
  • News sites
  • Sightseeing and tourism information sites
  • Reservation sites
  • Groupware
  • Speech translation
  • Mobile translation
  • Smartphone
  • EC site
  • Real estate information sites
  • Cooking/recipe information sites
  • Digital signage

WEB-Transer@SDK is a service that automatically translates customers websites, enterprise systems, mobile (smartphone) apps and others.

Feature 1: Availability of high-precision machine translation

High-precision machine translation is available

With the machine translation provided by Cross Language, it is possible for the customer to create their own personal User Dictionary.
By making adjustments in accordance to the contents of websites and services, it is possible to create high-quality machine translations.

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Feature 2: An abundance of translation languages

Abundant translation language

The service utilizes a system compatible with UTF-8 which can support multiple languages. Apart from Japanese and English, it is possible to use a combination of Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian.

Feature 3: Compatible with high-performance API programming

We cope with high-performance API programming

The translation server interface is provided in SOAP or REST.
It is possible to use with various programming languages such as JAVA, PHP, and C#.

Feature 4: Simple introduction

We provide a sample source program and API specifications for each programming language.
An abundance of methods enables flexible support. Specialized engineer copes with technical inquiry every each section and builds support system which we can introduce in peace.

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Feature 5: Implementation results

This service has been used for major search portal sites, large scale websites, paid translation services, app translation and other services.

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