2016 entering a company
Development headquarters development Part 1

What is reason why you chose Cross Language as?

Originally we liked language study, and Japanese studied by self-education, and specialty at university chose Anglistics.

Former work had been translation-related work and was always interested in machine translation. We make use of linguistic ability and want to contribute to offer better reason and will enter the company.

Language liked and felt that it was the good workplace for person to want to work using foreign language more and more.


Please tell your work contents.

We are in charge of dictionary registration, correction of Japan and Korea, Japan and Britain mainly.

Specifically, we perform lexicography work such as corrections of mistranslation that there was of report from addition of equivalent, correction to more appropriate equivalent, registration, customer of new word which we translate and divide and collected from maintenance of existing dictionaries such as addition of pattern, the latest news peg and example sentence of field that we want to strengthen every day.

In addition, we analyze translation quality of the existing version and grasp when it becomes place that we cannot translate, unnatural reason and perform translation quality improvement work that we revise to be able to translate exactly at any time.

What kind of time do you feel worth doing at?

This reason is good! When time when good equivalent that we thought of to be was caught in this and thing which was not able to translate well became able to translate neatly.

We terminate in it if we register word, and then there is not, and equivalent that is better than the present reason always confirms reason whether there is not, or this reason is unnatural in such context and reviews, and it is necessary to revise, but result of own editing is reflected more and more by reason, and translation quality is glad of place that can confirm what is improved.


What is sign in the future?

Have more people know machine translation, is to have use.

We want to still try hard for further translation quality improvement so that it can have good voice that there is machine translation so that few, it can help to get over according to mission, the language barrier "Cross Language to tie person of different language" to!


Time schedule of the day


The attendance

We check change of reason by new registration, correction on the day before. Correction is reflected properly or confirms whether you could not turn worse and makes modifications more to become right reason.

Taking a lunch break rest

We memorize word of Chinese studying recently after finishing meal. There are many employees who study language except charge in dictionary team!

Dictionary registration

We always change with language. New words, new meaning are born almost every day. We register equivalent addition and new word to word that has been already registered.

Development meeting

Engine charge, dictionary charge employees gather and share opinion about development direction with progress of work of each person.

It supports mistranslation

We cope with mistranslation that we discovered in work. Correction is difficult and may have a hard fight, but sense of accomplishment when we were able to repair well is particular.

Leaving the office

We confirm schedule of the next day, and put preparation for work to ask own work and parttimer for away and leave the office.