Masaaki Tsujimoto

2015 entering a company
Business headquarters sales department
Translation management group

What is reason why you chose Cross Language as?

It was attractive to perform person translation while developing software of machine translation. There are other both companies dealing with, but there seem to be many places that are apt to establish heaviness in either.

However, both accuracy of person translation focused on convenience of machine translation, and Cross Language planned fusion, and intention to say to contribute to society was felt.

In addition, not translation specialized in specific type of industry, it was one which featured that we dealt with translation of various types of industry. We think that it is one of the charm to be touched the latest information of the unfamiliar industry, product released from now on, various information including sightseeing information of place that we have not gone.


Please tell your work contents.

It is project manager of person translation section. We are in charge of translation process control from estimate to delivery of goods, overall resource management.

Unlike machine translation, we perform all processes by hand of person. We can go ahead while taking various places and communication such as client, business, translator, reviewer, native checker thickly.

Because big things and small things nikakakarazu process itself of project scale is about the same, work loads do not decrease because project is small.

What kind of time do you feel worth doing at?

When we count backward from deadline and consider whether it is the most efficient if we make what kind of schedule. When we advance according to schedule and were able to deliver safely, there is sense of accomplishment, but feels sense of accomplishment more when we managed to reach until delivery of goods while solving it when we are on the way, and problem gets up.

If plural translators translate even the same sentence in person translation, we have plural reason. We plan unity of translated text and decide translation rule and perform quality control when we grasp preference of translated text of client and feel worth doing at time to be connected in the next order.

When project that oneself was in charge of is published in printed matter and HP and was released, we feel sense of accomplishment.


What is sign in the future?

It is the current situation that there are more places surviving work of person translation by mass demonstration tactics. In addition, each project manager often pushes forward work in original way.

We are thinking that we can suppress unevenness of quality if we become able to systematize part becoming belonging to the person power in this way. Therefore at first we want to improve workflow in the department.

In addition, we want to acquire knowledge except English as it is the spot conflicting with various languages.


Time schedule of the day


The attendance

We check email after schedule confirmation meeting of each person in the department. We invest files which have been delivered by translator and reviewer in the next process. Because we are in charge of plural items alone, as of now, we push forward while confirming which item works how.


As it is the 10:00 attendance, it is just right personally to have lunch at time like this. We often take at own seat.

Delivery of goods preparations

As delivery of goods date has many "until 6:00 p.m. on delivery date" and time of the evening, we perform count down or correction before delivery of goods.

Delivery of goods

We deliver translation file. As we perform delivery of goods from business, we send file to sales representative.

Leaving the office

We confirm remaining business rearranging such as documents after delivery of goods and the tomorrow's schedule and leave the office.