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NEWS RELEASE [2018/5/22]

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Cross Language and Ledge jointly starts new service of development project
using deep learning skill to automatically translate text within images in web site

Demand for translation which has often been a passive response for foreign tourists in Japan is changing, as seen in the recent rapid expansion of cross-border EC market. Cross Language Inc. collaborated with Ledge Inc. to respond to the increasing demand for translation as an active approach to customers in other language areas.

We started a project to develop a deep learning-based service which analyzes text in images on websites, detects character images, and automatically translates and replaces them.

The first PoC phase is now complete, and the project is entering a phase of test introduction and demonstration experiment on our partner companies' websites, aiming at the early commercialization.

■History of the project
Cross Language Inc. works mainly in the field of translation/interpretation services and the planning, development and sales of translation systems. Our translation tools have already been introduced on many websites. However, text in images had to be manually translated into other languages and uploaded.

To respond to the growing market's demand for automatic translation of text in images, Cross Language collaborated with Ledge Inc., an AI system consulting and development company. We thus started a project to develop a deep learning-based automatic translation/operation service in areas with a particularly high demand such as LP and EC.

■Purpose of the project
Cross-border EC expects 200% year-on-year growth in the single fiscal year of 2018. Demand from abroad continues to increase, while domestic demand is expected to drop in the mid and long term. To respond to such situation, the market will have to go through quite a big change.

From "compelled, CSR-like translation" prevalent in some large companies and government organizations, to "multi-lingual translation for active market expansion".

This project aims to support and promote such change.

■About system structure
The project currently adopts the following structure, which is being brushed up for commercialization.
Text automatic translation in image
● Obtain image path from DOM
● Select image information that contains text information from all image information on the website
● Remove elements in languages other than the language registered as the original language (in case of Japanese-to-Chinese translation, only the Japanese text in images is extracted)
● Use deep learning technology to obtain text information and the coordinates of the sentence area
● Recognize vertical/ horizontal writing
● Pass the original text to the Cross Language Translation Engine ※ and obtain the translated text
● Paint the targeted sentence area with the background color, automatically adjust the font size, and create/compose the character image
● Miscellaneous processes, changes and replacement are applied manually
● Replace the original image with the composed image and display it

※Functions such as re-translation, text correction (before/after translation) and re-definition of the recognized sentence area will also be available.
※Cross Language's original translation engine. Users can register their own dictionary, which enables the correct translation of customized words such as product names.

■Calling for demonstration experiment partners
We are looking for partner companies that can introduce this tool to their website and participate in demonstration experiment. If you are interested, please contact the following project office.

Contact regarding call for partner companies(Ledge.ai)

■About participation in planning company
Company name :Cross Language Inc. (https://www.crosslanguage.co.jp/)
Representative :Kenichiro Fukushima
The location :3-6, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Major Operations Translating and Interpreting - translation system planning, developing & sales; dictionary construction; language analysis and research

Company name :Ledge (https://ledge.co.jp/)
The media: https://ledge.ai/
Representative :Kazuki Hashimoto
The location :2-30-4, Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Major Operations Media administration specialized in AI, consulting of AI project

※Please refer to this for this project.

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