We provide solutions to all kinds of translation-related issues, including Human/Automatic Translation Services and website translating. Cross Language

Products & Services

Automatic Translation
Automatic translation of WEB sites, cloud translation service

  • Homepage Translation Service
    We will multilingualize your website for a low price!


  • Corporate Translation System
    A fusion of high-precision Machine Translation and a translation database!


  • Cloud-based Machine Translation Service
    Machine Translation Service catered towards smaller groups


  • Translation API Service
    Automatic Translation System that can be embedded into a WEB Service/System


  • Premium Machine Translation
    Premium Translation
    This is a monthly billed translation service for personal users that offers access to our terminology dictionaries and User Dictionary.


  • Automatic Translation

Translation Software
Offers high-quality translation installed with one of the largest dictionaries

For Windows

English ⇔ Japanese

  • PC-Transer Honyaku Studio V24
    PC-Transer Honyaku Studio V24
    For business & technological fields
  • MED-Transer V16
    MED-Transer V16
    For medical and pharmaceutical fields
  • Legal-Transer V4
    Legal Transer V4
    For use in English legal documents
  • PAT-Transer V13
    PAT-Transer V13
    Patent sentence is for exclusive use
  • Honyaku Pikaichi V15
    Honyaku Pikaichi V15
    For personal use in the business & technological fields
  • Honyaku Pikaichi Medical V15
    Honyaku Pikaichi Medical V15
    For personal use in the medical and pharmaceutical fields
  • Japanese-Chinese translation (Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese)

    Honyaku Pikaichi Chinese V10 + OCR
    Honyaku Pikaichi Chinese V10 + OCR
    Chinese translation software
  • Japanese ⇔ Korean

    Honyaku Pikaichi Korean V10 + OCR
    Honyaku Pikaichi Korean V10 + OCR
    Korean translation software
  • English + five European languages (French / German / Spanish / Portuguese / Italian)

    Honyaku Pikaichi European Languages V6 + OCR
    Honyaku Pikaichi European Languages V6 + OCR
    European multilingual translation software

For Mac

English ⇔ Japanese

  • MAC-Transer V11.5
    MAC-Transer V11.5
    For business & technological fields
  • MED-Transer V11.5
    MED-Transer V11.5
    For medical and pharmaceutical fields

Human Translating and Interpreting
High-quality & low-priced translation and interpreting service

  • Online Translation Service
    365 Honyaku
    Copy and paste the text you want to translate, and your order will be completed promptly!


  • Professional Translation Service
    Professional Translation
    A translation service that supports international business with translations that "make sense".


  • Interpreter Staffing Service
    Interpreter dispatch
    We dispatch interpreters who have high business skills and an exact understanding of their specific role.


Services Aimed at Inbound Tourism
Japanese style hospitality for increasing foreign tourists to Japan

  • Tripartite Telephone Interpretation Service for corporations
    Tripartite interpretation service
    When foreign tourists visit tourist information centers, commercial facilities, accommodation facilities, rent-a-car shops, medical facilities or use public transportation, it offers smooth support.


  • TV Phone Interpretation Service
    Mobile Face Interpretation
    You can easily call up an interpreter anytime with "Mobile Face Interpretation." It is a 24/365 tripartite interpretation service with multilingual support.


  • Service introduction video

    ※Please note that you will hear sound when playing the videos※

    Mobile Face Interpretation

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