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Legal Transer V4

For use in English legal documents    English-to-Japanese, and Japanese-to-English translation software

Unlike conventional translation software, Legal Transer can create high-quality translations of long and difficult-to-understand English contracts, due to its original document analysis processing technique (text pre-processing) and a dictionary specialized for contracts in English. By swiftly translating English contracts required for conducting business or negotations with foreign companies, it promotes quick understanding of the contract contents, and contributes to cost reduction and the acceleration of business activities.


  • [NEW] It is equipped with "Japanese-to-English ⇒ day confirmation translation mode" that English making becomes speedy newly!
  • [NEW] "Office 2010/2013/2016/365 (32bit&64bit) supports" office translation
  • [NEW] It is equipped with "consecutive office file translation" tool newly
    Tool which translation of office file can carry out in a mass without opening file by translation editor
  • [NEW] Newly equipped with the character recognition software, CROSS OCR V4.
    Imaged PDF provides solution to easily make translatable
  • By translation editor translation / "office document translation" that can edit! We read original text of deployment office document for translation editor directly and translate direct editing feature of DOCX / XLSX / PPTX file, and direct preservation in office document form is possible. It supports general-purpose XML file
  • Translation dictionary [325,000 words improve than previous version!] of 8,298,000 total dictionary numbers of words
  • Translation editor who adopted unification translation work environment that evolved, studio interface
  • "Translation memory" which can effectively utilize translation assets function
  • 157,000 parallel translation example sentences are recorded in translation memory by [Ministry of Justice Japan laws and ordinances foreign language reason database system]!
  • It is equipped with electronic dictionary software and [English-Japanese Dictionary for The General Reader + leaders plus] to be usable as software alone!

Lineup and price

Product name JAN cord Standard price (tax-excluded)
Legal Transer V4 for Windows (package is edition) 4947398117230 128,000 yen
Legal Transer V4 for Windows (downloading is edition) 4947398117308 125,000 yen

Site licence

Product name JAN cord The number of the licenses Unit price (tax-excluded)
Legal Transer V4 for Windows
It is for license
100 ...
102,400 yen
96,000 yen
89,600 yen
83,200 yen
76,800 yen
[product contents for license] ・ License paper (user's registration sheet) : One piece
・ DVD-ROM : One set
・ Introduction guide : One piece

※You are for license and please refer to the following support FAQ for the details about site licence.
 Support FAQ: It is for license and what kind of meaning is site licence?

Site licence addition DVD-ROM

Product name JAN cord Quantity Unit price (tax-excluded)
Legal Transer V4 for Windows
Additional DVD-ROM for license
4947398117292 3,000 yen

※Additional DVD-ROM is available only to purchase license number.
※Please refer to support FAQ for the details about additional DVD-ROM as follows.
 Support FAQ: What kind of meaning is additional DVD-ROM for license?