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MAC-Transer V11.5

English-to-Japanese, Japanese-to-English translation software for the fields of business and technology

MAC-Transer is a professional English to Japanese/Japanese to English translation software that clearly sets itself apart from low-cost translation software, as it is equipped with Cross Language's latest high-precision translation engine, and an extensive dictionary including 7,880,000 words. It comes equipped with specialized domain-specific dictionaries from 37 fields, from business to technology, and gives strong support to document translation in each of the fields.


  • [NEW!] latest OS Mac OS X 10.13 High Sierra original expression correspondence!
  • Latest translation engine & 7,880,000 dictionary deployment!
  • We keep layout of office document and translate! The "Office file translation" deployment!
  • Safari/Firefox/Google Chrome-adaptive homepage translation
  • It is equipped with "translation memory" which we accumulate completion reason and can reuse function as standard equipment

Lineup and price

Product name JAN cord Standard price (tax-excluded)
MAC-Transer V11.5 4947398117070 59,800 yen
MAC-Transer V11.5 (downloading is edition) 4947398117094 45,800 yen
MAC-Transer V11.5 (academic version) 4947398117087 41,860 yen

※About academic version
 It is academic version of special price for student and people concerned with school.
 Only primary, junior high and high schools, university, student who is in various special vocational schools and staff of a school can purchase this product.
 In the case of the product purchase, please show certificate which is person concerned with student identification card or school.


Main difference

  MAC-Transer V11.5
Normal version / academic version
MAC-Transer V11.5
It is for downloading
basic dictionary
Field of 37 Domain-specific Dictionaries
Nichigai Associates technology
Domain-specific Dictionaries (1,800,000)
Electronic dictionary (super dictionary for Transer)
 Dictionary during Kenkyusha newly English-Japanese new Japanese and English
 The Kenkyusha English-Japanese Dictionary for The General Reader
 An Encylopaedic Supplement to the Dictionary for the General Reader
Translation editor (text translation)
Homepage translation
One point translation
Translation from service menu
Translation search
Translation tool bar
Translation memory function