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MED-Transer V11.5

English-to-Japanese, Japanese-to-English translation software for the fields of medicine and pharmacy

MED-Transer is a medical field-specific translation software that clearly sets itself apart from standart business translation software, due to coming equipped with a specialized medical translation engine, an essential medical words dictionary, and domain-specific dictionaries for related fields such as chemistry and biotechnology. Furthermore, an electronic version of the world-renowned Stedman's Medical Dictionary is incorporated into the software. Translations from Stedman's Dictionary are given priority and will be favoured in the final translations.


  • [NEW!] latest OS Mac OS X 10.13 High Sierra original expression correspondence!
  • Latest translation engine & 8,180,000 dictionary deployment!
  • We keep layout of office document and translate! The "Office file translation" deployment!
  • The authority "Stedman medicine Dictionary revision sixth edition" of medical dictionary "Stedman medicine abbreviation dictionary" deployment!
  • The "Minamiyama temple medicine English and Japanese Dictionary" "Kenkyusha medicine English-Japanese dictionary" "English-Japanese Dictionary for The General Reader" deployment!
  • It is equipped with "translation memory" which we accumulate completion reason and can reuse function!

Lineup and price

Product name JAN cord Standard price (tax-excluded)
MED-Transer V11.5 for Mac (package is edition) 4947398117117 168,000 yen