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PAT-Transer V12 for Windows

For patent specifications    English-to-Japanese, and Japanese-to-English translation software

PAT-Transer provides an incomparable level of translation by a patent sentence preprocessing/postprocessing function that was developed using the experience and know-how of patent translation experts, along with a specialized translation dictionary created exclusively for use with patent sentence translation. In addition, it is equipped with many new features. It is a translation software exclusively for patent specifications that is now even more user-friendly and powerful.


  • Compatible with the new OS, Windows 10
  • By translation editor translation / "office document translation" that can edit! We read original text of deployment office document for translation editor directly and translate direct editing feature of DOCX / XLSX / PPTX file, and direct preservation in office document form is possible. It supports general-purpose XML file
  • Translation dictionary [350,000 words improve than previous version!] of 8,259,000 total dictionary numbers of words
  • We become Domain-specific Dictionaries and are equipped with [Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc. / car glossary of terms]!
  • We collect [San-eishobo Publishing / foot technique of judo forest car information dictionary] in automotive engineering Domain-specific Dictionaries!
  • Translation editor who adopted unification translation work environment that evolved, studio interface
  • "Translation memory" which can effectively utilize translation assets function

Lineup and price

Product name JAN cord Standard price (tax-excluded)
PAT-Transer V12 for Windows (package is edition) 4947398114581 168,000 yen
PAT-Transer V12 for Windows (download edition) 4947398114390 165,000 yen

Site licence

Product name JAN cord The number of the licenses Unit price (tax-excluded)
PAT-Transer V12 for Windows
It is for license
100 ...
142,800 yen
141,120 yen
139,440 yen
137,760 yen
134,400 yen
[product contents for license] ・ License paper (user's registration sheet) : One piece
・ DVD-ROM : One set

※You are for license and please refer to the following support FAQ for the details about site licence.
 Support FAQ: It is for license and what kind of meaning is site licence?

Site licence addition DVD-ROM

Product name JAN cord Quantity Unit price (tax-excluded)
PAT-Transer V12 for Windows
Additional DVD-ROM for license
4947398114383 3,000 yen

※Additional DVD-ROM is available only to purchase license number.
※Please refer to support FAQ for the details about additional DVD-ROM as follows.
 Support FAQ: What kind of meaning is additional DVD-ROM for license?