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Honyaku Pikaichi Medical V15 for Windows

Personal English-to-Japanese, Japanese-to-English translation software for the fields of medicine and pharmacy

Honyaku Pikaichi Medical V15 is medical translation software which uses the medical translation engine from the best-seller, MED-Transer. It can be used for various purposes, including to read and understand English medical theses and English medical survey material, and the rough translation of Japanese articles into English.


  • We offer high-quality translation in "5,090,000" translation dictionaries which we tuned up for medical documents
    Domain-specific Dictionaries which was similar for medical essential word and subject: Basic medicine / clinical medicine / sense organs / psychiatry / public sanitation / dentistry / pharmacy
  • It carries new version "CROSS OCR V4" of character recognition software
  • It carries Domain-specific Dictionaries which made 200,000 words of "Minamiyama temple medicine English and Japanese Dictionary" translation dictionary as standard equipment
  • It carries medical Domain-specific Dictionaries of chemical / biotechnology / agriculture / biology / mathematics physics concerned more
  • Equivalent of Domain-specific Dictionaries is equipped with function to be able to see by color
  • It supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10 32bit & 64bit
  • "Office 2010/2013/2016/365 32bit & 64bit supports" office translation add-in
    We add translation function to Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Outlook! Japanese presentation document can become English easily!
  • It supports IE add-in homepage translation Internet Explorer 10 / 11
  • We check English journal and article quickly! PDF direct translation
  • Translation simple as for the document which we scanned! Image letter translation function "capture translation"

Lineup and price

Product name JAN cord Standard price (tax-excluded)
[package is edition]
Honyaku Pikaichi medical V15
for Windows
4947398116103 38,000 yen (tax-excluded)
[downloading is edition]
Honyaku Pikaichi medical V15
It is for for Windows downloading
4947398116110 30,400 yen (tax-excluded)