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Honyaku Pikaichi V15 for Windows

Personal English-Japanese translation software for the fields of business and science and technology.

Honyaku Pikaichi V15 is loaded with a top class dictionary, with a grand total of 7,510,000 words. This high-quality product is equipped with domain-specific dictionaries from a wide range of areas that come only with the Transer Series, from 13 science and technology fields, including computers, electrics and electronics, and engineering, to 4 business fields, including law and financing, which makes it possible to complete translations in a wide variety of specialties.


  • We offer high-quality translation in "7,510,000" class largest dictionaries
  • It carries "field of field of technical area / science / business" of the deployment Domain-specific Dictionaries for higher product Transer series
  • 8 dictionaries (including automotive engineering, aerospace, defense, chemistry, accounts, marketing) add Domain-specific Dictionaries newly
  • It carries new version "CROSS OCR V4" of character recognition software
  • It supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10 32bit & 64bit
  • "Office 2007 (32bit)/2010/2013/2016/365 (32bit&64bit) supports" office translation add-in
  • Internet Explorer 10/11-adaptive IE add-in homepage translation
  • Keep layout by right-click with PDF file; and translation "PDF direct file translation"
  • Email translation tool "email translation pad" not to choose mailer as
  • English making provides speed in Honyaku Pikaichi! "Third page translation editor"
  • We specify range of letter in image and can translate! Capture Translation
  • We listen to native pronunciation! "Sound reading function"
  • "Function that it is such translation"

Lineup and price

Product name JAN cord Standard price (tax-excluded)
Honyaku Pikaichi V15 for Windows (package is edition) 4947398115625 28,000 yen
Honyaku Pikaichi V15 for Windows (download edition) 4947398115632 22,400 yen

Site licence

Product name JAN cord The number of the licenses Unit price (tax-excluded)
Honyaku Pikaichi V15 for Windows
It is for license
100 ...
19,600 yen
18,760 yen
17,920 yen
17,080 yen
16,240 yen
[product contents for license] ・ License paper (user's registration sheet) : One piece
・ DVD-ROM : One set
・ Introduction guide : One piece

※You are for license and please refer to the following support FAQ for the details about site licence.
 Support FAQ: It is for license and what kind of meaning is site licence?

Site licence addition DVD-ROM

Product name JAN cord Quantity Unit price (tax-excluded)
Honyaku Pikaichi V15 for Windows
Additional DVD-ROM for license
4947398115700 2,000 yen

※Additional DVD-ROM is available only to purchase license number.
※Please refer to support FAQ for the details about additional DVD-ROM as follows.
 Support FAQ: It is for license and what kind of meaning is additional DVD-ROM for license?