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One that had you be interested even a little, please challenge. It is message from personnel affairs team.


With the mission of "Connecting people with different languages"...

Cross Language provides product, service with "pride" and "faithfulness" toward the world that understands a variety of culture in "native language", and can match. Needs of translation service that can conjugate from the daily scene to business scene by increase of visit to Japan tourist, increase of Japanese company entering global business shows surge.

Meanwhile, our business moves person, company, the world; even if untie, is not exaggeration. Aiming at the cause of mission "tying person of CROSS LANGUAGE = different language" to, rapid growth of company, we look forward to application of various places that want to bring oneself up through the in various places process that can create business together.

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Message from personnel affairs

Message from personnel affairsMessage from personnel affairs

We are translation companies dealing with both translation business that is plan, development and sales and human power of machine translation (automatic translation) system. In 1987 before the Internet still spread, forerunner company of Cross Language was founded for "systematization of translation". We start development of translation system quickly and begin to sell machine translation software "Transer" that is popular in 1989 series. We increase share surely now as industry major one company.

Our biggest characteristic is to be able to provide "high quality" and translation solution to meet diverseness of client such as "large quantities processing" "high security" and high needs and request on "short deadline" in spite of being "low cost" because "human power translation" combines these two services with "machine translation". We have you evaluate high quality point of translation with minute inspection work to be repeated during development many times, improvement of dictionary function from many companies.

One which such we will pay attention to as business opportunity in future is sightseeing translation. We work on foreign invitation taking the opportunity of the Olympics positively, but it is certain that needs increases in travel agency, hotel and pension, department store when many foreigners visited Japan. For such a needs, we expand translation system which can convert homepage into foreign language with one button. We are thinking that our technique will play an active part as thing which is informed by many foreign tourists and aliens information correct surely. What can say will be certainly that machine translation attracts attention still more in future. Depending on the way of appeal and how to sell, method of development, we are thinking that we open without limit in chance.

Such a flow becomes fair wind surely for whole translation industry and us. Therefore it recruits friends working together in order to aim at further growth to be the first runner of translation market overflowing in possibility. It is heated, and exchange of opinions is performed freely without all departments displaying desks in one floor in us, and being seized with age and experience, department or post. Because distance with the administration is near, as for the one with many suggesting directly, and plan being realized, it should be surely one of the worth doing. One that had you be interested even a little, please challenge. We look forward to application from all of you.

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