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Seminar information for sales agent

Visit to Japan foreigner of 2014 surpasses 13 million people, and the movement accelerates more and more because tax exemption shopping of foreigner becomes topic.
As for multilingualizing Japanese homepage in that, and performing information dispatch, it is one of the most important strategies now. Guide suggests those measures, various solution to cope to us. "Homepage machine translation system" that started release in 2008 has you introduce to date led by many local governments, tourist associations, department stores.
We hold "seminar for sales agent" on the following seasonal themes in each major city while it is assumed that demand for multilingualization of homepage increases more in us.

  • ①About overall multilingualization of homepage (difference between automatic translation and human translation, difference with Google Translate)
  • ②12 language correspondence to include ⇒ various function, introduction example, Asian languages that homepage automatic translation does it this way and sells
  • ③Multilingual interpreter service that is indispensable to inbound correspondence, multilingualization of EC site in the future
  • ④Because we do not miss inbound! About offer of sales agent

Corporation with sales agent contract, please already participate to become offer of the latest information.

In addition, we welcome corporation where contract is hoped for newly as sales agent heartily (we accept application for agency contract). We guide to have you participate by all means at this opportunity as it is holding in each first major city. (as you close offer as soon as it becomes capacity, apply early.)

  • 2015/7/16 Thursday

    City Sapporo
    Venue TKP Sapporo Station conference center conference room 2E
    The second floor of Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi north 7 west 2-9 beruvuyuofisu Sapporo
    Map is this
    Sapporo municipal subway Namboku Line Sapporo Station Exit 16 1-minute walk,
    JR Hakodate Main Line Sapporo Station north exit 2-minute walk
    Acceptance start 13:30
    Holding time From 14:00 to 16:00

    It was finished

  • 2015/7/15 Wednesday

    City Fukuoka
    Venue Across Fukuoka 501 meeting room
    1-1-1, Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi
    Map is this
    Subway Airport Line Tenjin Station Exit 16 3-minute walk, seven dark circles line Tenjinminami Station Exit 5 3-minute walk
    Acceptance start 13:30
    Holding time From 14:00 to 16:00

    It was finished

  • 2015/7/3 Friday

    City Osaka
    Venue TKP Osaka Shinsaibashi conference center
    4-3-2, Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi Midosuji MID building 4F
    Map is this
    Osaka municipal subway Midosuji Line Shinsaibashi Station Exit 3 2-minute walk
    Acceptance start 15:00
    Holding time From 15:30 to 17:30

    It was finished

  • 2015/6/25 Thursday

    City Tokyo
    Venue Our seminar room
    3-6, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku Kioicho Park Bldg. 2F
    Map is this
    Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line Kojimachi Station Exit 2 5-minute walk
    Acceptance start 13:00
    Holding time From 13:30 to 15:30

    It was finished

  • 2015/6/17 Wednesday

    City Sendai
    Venue The fourth floor of station square wish building meeting room A
    3-6-22, Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi
    Map is this
    From JR Tohoku Main Line Sendai Station a 3-minute walk
    Acceptance start 14:30
    Holding time From 15:00 to 17:00

    It was finished

  • 2015/6/11 Thursday

    City Nagoya
    Venue The seventh floor of the Meieki Morishita Building fifth meeting room
    3-13-31, Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi
    From subway Nagoya Station Exit 1 from 3-minute walk, JR Nagoya Station Sakuradori Exit a 4-minute walk
    Acceptance start 13:30
    Holding time From 14:00 to 16:00

    It was finished

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