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Human Translating and Interpreting

Features of online translation service 365 Honyaku

Translation service providing a website for placing translation requests 24/7, 365 days a year.
An efficient client-translator matching service.
We provide an easy-to-understand request method and high-quality translation from just 5 yen per character.

Feature 1: The translation price can be selected based on the quality of the translation!

365 Honyaku is a client-translator matching site, designed to provide an efficient mediation service at a reasonable cost.
As well as being able to choose from three tiers depending on the desired use and translation quality, you can also request translations that fall outside of the standard fields.
Starting at the lowest price of 5 yen per character, depending on the level of the translator this goes up to 15 yen per character.
When compared with existing translation services, you won't find our translation quality lacking.

  • 5 yen

    Certified translator

    Relatively short product explanation
    Intra-company emails, intra-company documents

  • 10 yen

    Experienced translator

    Relatively long product explanation
    Business writing to send to business partners

  • 15 yen

    Professional translator

    The whole of the technical field

Feature 2: The fastest service in the industry, starting from 10 minutes!

365 Honyaku exceeds other companies in translation speed as well.
Being able to provide translations in as quickly as 10 minutes we offer the fastest service in the industry! Even urgent requests will be met on time.
The approximate time required for a translation will vary depending on the number of characters, so please check the list provided.
As the entire transaction is completed online, it will be concluded faster than you can imagine.

Approximate time required for 5 yen to 15 yen translations.

※ The displayed time required for completion is only an estimate.
※ Please note that 365 Honyaku does not guarantee the date of completion
※ When the copy is difficult, it will take longer than usual to match it with a translator.
※ When client-translator matching takes too long, we suggest you cancel the request and resend it as a 15 yen professional translation course request.
In this case, Cross Language with make arrangements with the designated translator during business hours.

Feature 3: It is possible to make translation requests for short texts!

Setting innovative practices for the translation industry! Low-priced minimum charge (from 100 yen)

365 Honyaku has a minimum charge of 100 yen, and since the price is determined by the number of words regardless of how many translation requests are sent, you can send in a request whenever it occurs to you. As payments are made by credit card, the transaction can be completed quickly.
The minimum translation request is 1 character, or 1 word, at 5 yen each, so there are no irritating limitations.
Corporate clients may request an invoice. Please ask for details.
※ To be invoiced, clients must undergo an investigation. Depending on the result of the investigation, we may not be able to follow your request. Thank you for your understanding.

VISA, JCB, MasterCard

Feature 4: Enhanced features, such as automatically issuing estimates!


In a business, sometimes it is necessary to circulate a document to other employees before making a decision.
As 365 Honyaku issues machine-estimated costs, it is possible to request multiple quotes depending on the desired translation quality.
Our prices are satisfactory even when compared to those of other companies.
By registering the company name, you can create automatic estimates for the company.

Feature 5: Corporation support available!

In response to requests from companies, we now allow businesses to pay by invoice! Requests for the month can be paid all at once at the end of the month.
Corporations may choose to be invoiced at the end of the following month.
Regarding the monthly fee, all billing and payments will be carried out through the payment service provider Net Protections, Inc. on our behalf.
For listed companies/government offices/educational foundations, each department can be billed separately or all departments and users can be billed all together, so please request preferred style of payment.

Corporate client support

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Feature 6: Easy translation due to the various functions on My Page!

On My Page, all previously assigned translators will show up in a list.
Click on 'favorite' to save a translator to your favorites list. You can request a preferred translator from your favourites list at the time of request.
In addition, you can evaluate the translator who was assigned to your translation with a mark out of 10.

My Page functions

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