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Interpreter Staffing Service

Cross Language dispatches interpreters who have business acumen and understand their specific roles. Interpreters prepare and study in advance.

Interpreter Staffing Service

With the industry's leading interpreters, we dispatch the interpreter most suited for the specific field and business scene.

■ We dispatch interpreters for both long term and short term business demands.

In addition to short term interpreting demands, we also dispatch interpreters for ERPs and other long term projects such as system integration which may take 2 or 3 months as well as training sessions that may take around one week.
We can provide interpreters who are used to working for long term needs.
Fees will be based on an hourly wage system different from what is shown on the payment page.

■ We are also able to assist in providing the necessary interpreting equipment whenever needed.

One feature that makes Cross Language have quality fine interpreting services is that we have "knowledge on interpreting equipment."
Our interpreter coordinators are well informed on interpreting equipment and will provide the best plan for each request.
Please contact us for more information.

■ Please consult us for your specific needs as we can provide services from large-scale symposiums and seminars to staffing local interpreters in foreign countries or providing specialized interpreting for something such as legal advice.

We dispatch interpreters to international conferences and for courtesy visits domestically as well as abroad (for staffing outside of Japan, local interpreters will be dispatched) to such events as the International Land Policy Forum (Japan, Tokyo) and Japan-China interchange meeting (China, Shanghai, Tianjin).
We also provide flexible interpreting services for your specific needs, such as for press conferences, presentations, and board meetings, as well as providing long term interpreters to work as a member of a project, or providing a specialized interpreter for areas such as legal advice.
In addition, we also arrange escort interpreters for visitors from foreign countries, such as investors coming to visit a company.

■ The most common problems with dispatch interpreters, and the secret to the high performance of Cross Language interpreters.

In a situation where interpreting is necessary, there are times where there are misunderstandings or disagreements due to inadequate or misinformed interpreting which can cause meetings to be unfruitful or a presentation that was not fully understood by the listener. This may be the result of an ill-qualified interpreter, but the larger problem may be that the coordinator did not put enough effort in booking a fit interpreter and had inadequate information of the interpreting scene. How can we prevent this….

Being well prepared for the assignment
How well an interpreter was able to prepare has a large influence on the performance of that given day

This is how we think. In order to understand and foresee that day, the coordinator will hold a meeting with the client on the important issues of the material to be interpreted and they will create a manual including a schedule of that day.
In addition, we will prepare an agenda, and other documents such as a list of attendees and other detailed documents pertaining to the interpreting.
The specifics of the meeting are on the page showing the steps for interpreter staffing, but we will always ask the following questions.

-Why are you having this meeting (what are the intentions)?
-Who needs interpreting?
-Who will be attending? , how many people?
-The name of each attendant and their official position.

By knowing the names and positions of each attendee beforehand,
information such as who needs interpreting to whom about what kind of information, or who will be making the final call…,
will be made available to the interpreter so that it will be easier to imagine how the meeting will proceed.
Furthermore, it is common for people to speak out at the same time, especially in meetings of 10 to 15 people.
In such situations, we will tactfully respond in the most appropriate manner.

Interpreters are the shadows for a meeting to proceed smoothly as possible.
In addition to good judgement and footwork, interpreters will need to understand what a meeting's purpose is as well as its intentions.

We conduct our advance preparations so that the interpreter will be able to exert 100% of the above mentioned abilities.

■ High professionalism in interpreters

Cross Language dispatches interpreters who have business acumen and understand their specific roles.
When registering, we put business acumen in the high priority. That is why our interpreters undergo considerable prior study/preparations before entering the interpreting scene. They may be used to interpreting, but that does not mean they will neglect preparations.
On top of that, we work and interpret with precision and courtesy. We always read ahead of the how the meeting will run and how seamless we can move to where interpreting is necessary to satisfying all our customers.