We provide solutions to all kinds of translation-related issues, including Human/Automatic Translation Services and website translating. Cross Language

Human Translating and Interpreting

Translator Jobs

Cross Language always recruits excellent translator, checkers.

Offer language

U.K. inside (simplified Chinese character, Chinese Traditional), Korea, France-Germany, west, Korea, dew, Italy, Indonesia Vietnam

The field of offer

Machine, electric electron, IT, government offices, tax practice, financial affairs, medicine, pharmacy, sightseeing, game

Duty form

At-home or on site

Application condition

Translation or checker career three years or more are desirable

Application method Please send document to understand of the translation results to oubo@crosslanguage.co.jp by email attachment.
After the documents examination, I inform of the next step. We have you receive trial (for free) and usually ask for registration procedure depending on evaluation result.

Flows from application to registration

Sending of resume, curriculum vitae

Please send by email to oubo@crosslanguage.co.jp.
Please list conventional language study learning career and translation experience, expertise, available quantity per day.


Notification of trial result

Registration procedure

Only person who passed trial registers.

Ordering of translation item