We easily introduce multiple languages site

Just by placing a language toggle button on the top page all pages in the domain will be translated.

It is most suitable for overseas promotion by SEO effect

Fixed translation URL (subdomain) is indexed by search engine, and improvement in access of translation page is possible by SEO effect.

We realize multiple languages site with fixed amount, low cost

Because we build each language page using Japanese site, and update is automatically carried out, server expense and operation costs get off with 1 site minute. In addition, further cost cut is possible to be available for fixed amount regardless of the number of pages, the letters by contract of domain unit.

Contents setting function of foreign language translation page is fulfilling

Translation precision largely improves by registering proper noun by dictionary registration function. In addition, various setting functions such as non-indication setting at the time of translation, image replacement setting, outside setting targeted for translation can use.

Benefits of Implementation

Merit 1
As it is not necessary to make multiple websites for different languages, it reduces effort and cost.
Merit 2
We can translate in English, Chinese (simplified Chinese character, Chinese Traditional), Korean, European word (Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese), Asian language (Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese), Russian.
Merit 3
Just by placing a language toggle button on the top page all pages in the domain will be translated.
Merit 4
Because the site will appear on foreign language searches, there will be increased inquiries from overseas.
Merit 5
Text translation can be done instantly without changing the page design or structure.
Merit 6
By the use of "HTTPS translation" option, we can translate HTTPS site (SSL page), too.
More about HTTPS translation

Try Automatic Translation to make your homepage multilingual!

If you are interested in trying the multilingual translation function, please contact us here.

Before translation

After translation

Homepage automatic translation

Having trouble managing a multilingual website?

●Looking to make English and Chinese versions of your website, but creating from scratch would be too expensive?
●Are you revising your multilingual websites every time there is new information or an update? Is automated updating not available to you?

Three selectable plans

In the multilingual homepage, there are cost and many tasks including real time to translate whenever we update Japanese homepage.
WEB-Transer@homepage provides low cost multilingual websites for various needs.

This is a service for distributing information to foreigners travelling or living in the country.
It can also be used to make information available to countries with good internet environments such as the U.S., Canada, and S. Korea.

For use in distributing information to municipalities and local residents.

[email protected]

This is a service for distributing information to countries such as China that have unfavorable network environments.
By using servers in 98 cities around the world, it can be used to attract inbound tourism and for reliably distributing information abroad.

For tourist associations and department stores that want to attract foreign customers!

WEB-Transer @homepage Direct

This service is perfect for homepages that require more accurate translations. It enables the reliable distribution of information to the world.

For the distribution of information by multi-national companies!

WEB-Transer @homepage Premium