Request of user's registration

For customer who had you purchase translation software of Cross Language, it is user's registration of product… Continue Reading →

(Win) About Honyaku Pikaichi Chinese and pinyin (Honyaku Pikaichi Chinese)

In Honyaku Pikaichi Chinese, pinyin input (拼 dubbing power) comes to be possible on software… Continue Reading →

[video] Sharing Setup method (PC-Transer, MED-Transer professional, Legal Transer, PAT-Transer) of (Win) User Dictionary and user translation memory

When license has plural Transer series, is user address via network… Continue Reading →

(Mac) Translation (MAC-Transer, MED-Transer for Mac) of file of Office form

When, on file translation of Office form, we want to translate with keeping layout… Continue Reading →

[video] (Win) inflection method (PC-Transer, MED-Transer, PAT-Transer, Legal Transer, Honyaku Pikaichi) of one point translation

PC-Transer, MED-Transer, PAT-Transer, Legal… Continue Reading →

[video] (Mac) indication method of extension

Extension is non-displayed in Mac High Sierra/Sierra. … Continue Reading →

How to use translation memory (basics) 1 will register

We registered set of original text and translated text with database and seemed to resemble translation memory next… Continue Reading →

[video] (Mac) setting method (MAC-Transer, MED-Transer) of English reading sound

It is Mac O in MAC-Transer and MED-Transer for Mac… Continue Reading →

[video] (Win) method (Honyaku Pikaichi Korean) to set sound reading by Korean

Honyaku Pikaichi Korean has Korean sound reading function. However, it is initial setting noma… Continue Reading →

[video] (Win) method (Honyaku Pikaichi Chinese) to set sound reading in Chinese

Honyaku Pikaichi Chinese has Chinese sound reading function. However, it is initial setting noma… Continue Reading →

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