President Kenichiro Fukushima

 Under the slogan "Connecting people of different languages", our company strives to create a world in which we are able to understand each other's cultures in our own native language.

 Language, an asset unique to mankind, is the backbone of communication. It has led us to flourish and create the magnificent world we live in.
On the other hand, such diversity led to the construction of language barriers; the obstacles in communication.
 We work with pride and integrity to provide products and services that help overcome such barriers and realize a seamless world, heading towards a future of harmony.

 Today, people around the world can easily communicate with one another through the use of the internet. This fast and innovative network is where new ideas and services are produced and developed daily. This means that we have a remarkable social environment where creativity, daring and ingenuity will always be valued.
 Our company has grown by adapting to the needs of an ever-changing society through finding a solution to each problem.
Even in an increasingly complicated and fast-paced society, we will continue to strive for the satisfaction of our customers, with unwavering values of honesty, teamwork, simplicity and speed.

Cross Language Inc.
President Kenichiro Fukushima