We advocated new company mission and vision from August, 2019.

We get rid of the language barrier, and multi-culture makes society living together.

We always adopt new technology and way of thinking, and we support multilingualization of the world by continuing offering innovative service and function, and multi-culture aims at necessary service offer company in the society living together.

We create opportunities by oneself and change oneself by opportunity
We realize innovative thing steadily
We work on anything faithfully

While vision succeeded to thought of "the world that it was revealed and tossed various culture in native language" saying "we tie person of different language", which had other languages of Japanese into native language respected culture of the in the situation to increase in the country, and past mission did that we made Japanese culture and society which could live together with our new mission.

We lose what's called language barrier while making use of assets which we built in business domain mainly on machine translation by adopting new technology including AI. Because the language barrier disappears, different culture fuses, and new culture is born, and new society is completed. Will need multilingual correspondence from now on in many countries; social. As for us, multi-culture makes society living together by offering service to support multilingualization not to remain only for translation to the world.

In the society which global change goes ahead through rapidly, we create opportunities to contribute to society by oneself, and we will grow up as bread of change at the opportunity.
In addition, we never give up even if we face any difficulty and think that we find out innovative solution steadily and can get over difficulty.
And we believe when multi-culture can make society living together by working on anything faithfully.

Thank you in advance.

Cross Language Inc.

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