We have adopted a new company mission and vision from August, 2019.

We eliminate language barriers and create a society where different cultures can coexist.

We continually adopt new technology and ways of thinking, and we support multilingualization in the world by continuing to offer innovative services and functions. We aim to offer a service that is indispensable in a multi-cultural society.

We create opportunities for ourselves, and adapt ourselves for each situation
We steadily work towards the realization of innovations
We work honestly and faithfully in everything we do

Building upon our previous mission of “Connecting people of various languages” and our previous vision of “Striving for a world in which we all understand each other through each other’s native language,” at a time when the number of people whose native language is not Japanese is increasing in Japan, it is important to respect the cultures of those people. Therefore, we have made it our new mission to strive toward creating a society where those people can live comfortably alongside Japanese culture.

By utilizing the assets we have created by focusing our efforts on machine translation, we break down language barriers by adopting new kinds of technology such as AI. By breaking down language barriers, different cultures are able to fuse to give birth to new cultures, and in turn a new society a created. Different culture fuses as the language barrier disappears, and new culture is born, and new society is completed. In today's global society, multilingual correspondence is becoming a necessity in many countries around the world. By supporting multilingualization around the world in more ways than simple translation services, we can create a society where many cultures can coexist. By offering service to support multilingualization not to remain only for translation to the world, as for us, multi-culture makes society living together.

In the society where global change advances to rapidly, we create opportunities to contribute to society by oneself, and we will grow up as bread of change at the opportunity.
In addition, we never give up even if we face any difficulty and think that we find out innovative solution steadily and can get over difficulties.
And we believe when multi-culture can make society living together by working on anything faithfully.

We look forward to working with you to accomplish these things.

Cross Language Inc.

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