Apr. 1987 Founded NOVA Inc., a software development company and forerunner.
Oct. 1989 Released Transer, English to Japanese translation software for UNIX Workstation.
Nov. 1991 Released PC-Transer/ej, the first English to Japanese translation software for PC-98 computers.
May, 1998 Founded NOVA Asia Inc., a sales company.
Apr. 2001 Launched human translation projects.
Jan. 2002 Released [email protected], an in-house translation server.
Oct. 2002 A merger of equals between NOVA Asia Inc. and NOVA Inc., renamed to become Cross Language Inc.
Sept. 2004 Released [email protected], a translation API system.
Feb. 2005 Yahoo! Japan adopted translation API and launched Yahoo translator.
Jun. 2006 Rakuten adopted translation API and launched Infoseek multi-translator.
Apr. 2008 So-net adopted translation API and launched So-net translation.
Jun. 2009 Launched [email protected], a homepage translation service.
Sept. 2009 Rakuten's Global Market adopted [email protected]
Nov. 2011 Launched [email protected] direct, an overseas contents distribution service.
Dec. 2011 Launched 365 Honyaku, an internet translation service.
Apr. 2012 Received translation requests from the Japan Tourism Agency and National Tax Agency
Sept. 2012Launched Facebook admin services including monitoring and managing
Oct. 2012Received requests from the Patent Office to translate Chinese patents
Nov. 2012Announced Chinese patent translating engine
Apr. 2013Moved head office to Kioicho Park Bldg., 3-6 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku
Nov. 2014Provided translation engine for RICOH Document Translation Service, RICOH's machine translating service.
Jan. 2015Providing a translation engine for the "Chinese and Korean Gazette Translation and Search System" for patent offices developed by Hitachi, Ltd..
Aug. 2015Absorption-type merger with ITAS Inc., a translation company
Sept. 2015Provided translation engine to Samurai Japan's official website, the Japanese national baseball team.
Jul. 2016Released a Japanese-Thai bidirectional machine translation system
Aug. 2016Opened new office in Kansai
October, 2017Free translation page "CROSS-Transer" service starts
January, 2018Added AI translation neural translation function (beta release) to free translation site "CROSS-Transer"
February, 2019Started new Internet translation service "Simple Translation"