April 22, 2019
Cross Language Inc.
Representative director Mitsunobu Fukuta

We are aware that information assets (information and information systems) are of utmost importance for a successful business operation in development/sales of packaged software, laying out translation systems, providing solutions, and internet related projects. We also recognize that it is our social responsibility to prevent information security incidents.
In order to protect information assets from any security risks, Cross Language will promise the safe and appropriate management of such assets as well as realizing information security that concurs with our corporate strategies to ensure our customers' confidence.

1. By expressing the wills of our executives on our corporate strategies for information security, as well as by defining its guidelines, we will effectively continue to structure and manage the Information Security Management System (ISMS) to secure the secrecy, integrity, and availability of information assets.

2. Our company has established an organization, the Information Securities Committee, which consists of managers from each section. The said organization will nominate its committee chairman who will be responsible for managing information security. This organization is responsible for maintaining the ISMS.

3. In order to maintain an acceptable level of risk in handling all the important information assets, our company has established a systematic process for evaluating risk assessment which will create risk policies based on these assessments.

4. Our company adheres to the contracts with our customers and business partners, and acts in deference to legal and regulatory requirements.

5. We will diligently carry out measures to establish information security.

6. We will regularly educate all employees in order to improve the ISMS.

7. For the continued improvement and sustainability of our ISMS, we regularly review our basic policies as well as all official regulations and actions concerning the ISMS.

In addition to disseminating this policy to all employees, we will take measures, such as posting this information in the lobby, so that this information is also available to affiliated third parties