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Taking our mission of "creating a society where language barriers are broken down and different cultures coexist" to heart…

We provide products and services with the aim of breaking down language barriers and striving to move toward a society where various cultures coexist in harmony. With the increase in inbound tourists to Japan and with the surge in Japanese businesses entering the global market, the need for translation services is increasing on various fronts, from daily scenes to business scenes.

Therefore, to say that our business moves people, companies, and the world is not an exaggeration. Under the aim of our mission that "Cross Language = Creating a society where various cultures coexist in harmony," we are striving to take leaps and bounds in the growth of our company. We welcome all those who want to be a part of growing our business and those who want to grow personally through that process together with us.

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Message from Human Resources

Message from Human ResourcesMessage from Human Resources

We are a translation company dealing with planning, development and sales of machine translation (automatic translation) systems, as well as human translation services. In 1987, before the Internet had become widespread, the predecessor company of Cross Language was founded for "systematization of translation." We started the development of translation systems early, and began the sale of our popular machine translation software Transer in 1989. Now we are steadily increasing shares as a major company in the industry.

Our biggest characteristic is that "machine translation" and "human translation" can be combined to provide high quality yet low-cost translation solutions to meet the various and advanced needs of clients such as large quantity processing, high security, and requests on short deadlines. With minute inspection work repeated many times during development to improve the dictionary functions, we have been evaluated by many businesses as providing high quality of translation.

One which such we will pay attention to as business opportunity in future is sightseeing translation. We work on foreign invitation taking the opportunity of the Olympics positively, but it is certain that needs increase in travel agency, hotel and pension, department store when many foreigners visited Japan. For such needs, we expand translation system which can convert homepage into foreign language with one button. We think that our technique will play an active part as thing which is informed by many foreign tourists and aliens information correct surely. What can say will be certainly that machine translation attracts attention still more in future. Depending on the way of appeal and how to sell, method of development, we think that it spreads without limit in chance.

This style of flow will surely become the standard for the translation industry as a whole. Therefore, we are looking for people to join our company as we aim for further growth and to become a front-runner in the translation industry with endless possibilities. The departments of our company are all situated on one floor, and everyone is able to exchange ideas freely and openly, regardless of age or experience, department or position. As the administration is situated a very short distance away, one of the rewarding aspects of working here is the ability to often directly pitch ideas to administrators and be able to see the plans to fruition. We welcome anyone who is interested in being a part of our team. We look forward to receiving your applications.

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