Enforcement date May 12, 2014
Cross Language Inc.
Representative director Mitsunobu Fukuta

We declare that we raise all the companies and work on the continuous improvement here while recognizing that personal information of all customers and employees whom we handle in the business such as development and sales of various package softwares, construction of translation system, offer, Internet-related business of solution and human resources dispatch is important property of the person, and recognizing enough social mission about protection of personal information, and our observing protection of right of the person, laws and regulations about personal information, and building personal information protection management system to embody policy shown below, and always recognizing trend of the latest IT technology, change of social request, change of management environment.

1. We perform the acquisition, the use of personal information in conformity with JIS Q 15001:2006 "personal information protection management system - requirements" and offer in duties of business such as development and sales of various package softwares, construction of translation system, offer, Internet-related business of solution and human resources dispatch and adoption duties management of adoption applicant and the employment of employee, the human resource management duties as follows.
(1) Personal information limits to necessary range in in our business accomplishment and adoption applicant, management of employee and identifies the use purpose and acquires.
(2) When we acquire personal information from the person directly, we state necessary notice matters such as the use purposes clearly and obtain the person's consent.
(3) When we use personal information that we acquired, we limit to range necessary for the achievement of the use purpose (purpose of duties given in trust in the case of trust) that obtained consent beforehand.
(4) Other than case, third party of personal information that when we obtain the person's consent beforehand and when it is established in laws and ordinances and we limit a part of our duties to trust ahead admitted that we handle personal information appropriately and entrust outside do not provide.
(5) We maintain official regulations, rule about the handling of personal information to prevent the handling of inappropriate personal information such as the use out of the purpose and perform education to plan common knowledge thorough to employee, and maintenance improves structure which carries out check and domestic inspection of the operational situation regularly, and finishes handling personal information appropriately.
2. We observe laws and ordinances about personal information protection, guideline that country sets and other models.
3. Leak, loss of personal information come, and we are rational for risks such as loss; inject financial resources which were equal to the fact of business in order to take safety measures, and to prevent, and improve the personal information security system continuously. In addition, in the case of emergency, we take corrective action immediately.
4. We give an appropriate response for complaint about the personal information handling and consultation quickly and faithfully.
5. We review personal information protection management system based on environmental change to surround us appropriately good time and promote the improvement continuously.

We shall take measures that it is available for anyone anytime by distributing this policy to all employees, and disseminating, and publishing in our homepage, brochure.


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