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Privacy Policy

1. Name of company: Cross Language Inc.

2. Full name of manager (the or agent) or job title, contact information

Manager name: Personal information protection manager representative director Mitsunobu Fukuta
Contact information Telephone 03-5215-7640

3. The use purpose of personal information

(1) Than the person documents (include thing with homepage or E-mail. The use purpose when we acquire personal information that says "document" as follows, and was listed in) directly
・Customer information: For shipment of product in sale business of various package softwares, associated after-sale service, information for new product, service
・Stockholder information: For information disclosure, sending, contact of distribution thing
・Business partner information: For business talk and on-the-job contact, ordering duties, request payment duties
・Employee information: For personnel affairs personnel management of employee, duties management, health care, security management
・Personal information about adoption applicant: For contact and our adoption duties management to adoption applicant
(2) The use purpose when we acquire personal information other than the document than the person directly
・Customer information: For ordering contents' confirmation (call record)
(3) The use purpose when personal information is consigned by business partner
・Customer information: For direct mail shipment

4. Third party offer of personal information

We may not offer personal information of customer to third party unless we raise next.
・When there is agreement of the person
・When it is based on laws and ordinances
・When it is necessary for protection of human life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain the person's consent
・When it is necessary for promotion of sanitary improvement or healthy upbringing of child in particular, and it is difficult to obtain the person's consent
・When it is necessary to cooperate for person who received engine of country or local public entity or the trust accomplishing desk work to set of laws and ordinances and might affect accomplishment of the desk work concerned by obtaining the person's consent
・When we consign all or a part of the handling of personal information to accomplish duties smoothly as far as it is necessary for the achievement of the use purpose

5. Trust of the personal information handling

To provide good service by customer and we consign a part of the duties to group companies and outside company for welfare program of employee in business administration. For business consignment point, we may leave personal information.
In this case we choose trust admitted that it deals with personal information appropriately and decide matter which is necessary for prevention of leak of personal information of customer by appropriate management, confidentiality of personal information in the contracts and let you carry out appropriate management.

6. Request for disclosure of personal information

Customer can report to our inquiry window about (notice, disclosure of the use purpose, correction, addition and deletion of contents, stop of the use or removal, stop of offer to third party) such as disclosure of your personal information for us.
We will cope on this occasion within rational period after having confirmed customer. About the details of proposals such as disclosure, please see "procedure about disclosure of personal information" for our homepage publication.

7. About arbitrariness of personal information being offered

Customer stops by in option of customer whether personal information is provided by us. But we may not provide our services to offer in appropriate state when we cannot have necessary item.

8. About case to acquire by method that the person cannot recognize easily

When customer was called on with cookies (Cookies) again in our Web site, we are intended to have you read our Web site more usefully. We do not acquire personal information with cookies.
In addition, we adopt system of telesecurity such as coding on part having you input personal information in our Web site and carry out safety measures that information that we acquired is enough for. But, in character of the Internet communication, we do not completely guarantee security. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

9. About authorized personal information protection group

Authorized personal information protection group is group which received authorization of ministers based on Personal Information Protection Law Article 37 and is group for the purpose of security of the appropriate handling of personal information through dealing with grievances about the handling of target personal information, reporting to target company.

Inquiry window

About inquiry about privacy policy, we register in us below for inquiries.
〒102-0094 3-6, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Kioicho Park Bldg. 2F
Person in charge of Cross Language Inc. personal information inquiry e-mail: [email protected]
Phone number 03-5215-7640 (10:00-18:00 of reception hours business day) *
*It should be correspondence after next business day during period for Sundays and holidays, New Year holidays, Golden Week on Saturday and Sunday.