mobile face

Face to face interpretation service with TV telephone

As the number of foreign visitors to Japan rapidly increases, don't you have communication problems in serving and coping with customers?
You can easily call up an interpreter anytime with "Mobile Face Interpretation."
It is a 24/365 tripartite interpretation service with multilingual support.

We log in to mobile face interpreter

  • We are downloaded by Google Play
  • We are downloaded by App Store

Main Points of the Service

  • Even if "should do what" "that's a problem", but get up anytime 24 hours a day, every day; relief.
  • It is supported Vietnamese eight languages English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Translation that interpreter operator has high quality of foreign language native level.

Video introducing the service

How to Use

How to Use

Examples of situations to use the service
  • At window of the local government
  • At ticket office of means of transportation
  • In attraction facilities
  • With guidebook
  • At the accommodations such as hotel, inn
  • At the time of waiting on customers of shopping
  • In the information desk of shopping mall
  • In restaurants such as restaurants
  • For correspondence at the time of first aid

Service Summary

Languages Available:
English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese
Service Hours :
24 hours a day, every day
※Thai, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese becomes correspondence only for sound until 9:00 on the next morning after 18:00
Compatible Device:
[iOS] 5.1.1 or later, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or later [Android OS] 2.3.6 or later
About 1MB per minute

Please read the following before using the service

※ Available only for a 3-person-call between 2 locations.

This service is only available for face-to-face interactions between two people and not in situations where each person is in a different location (3 people, 3 locations) due to technical limitations.

※ We do not handle calls if the user is under the influence of alcohol as well as any interpreting requests in adult entertainment facilities.
※ Interpreting may not be possible at places where the reception is bad or it is too noisy to hear the caller's voice.
※ Communication fee is charged to user.
※ This service covers interpretation for general conversation.

The fields the service covers will differ according to the interpreter's abilities. Since there may be certain areas which the interpreter may not be able to interpret, the interpreter provides his or her best effort for calls regarding agreements and so on.

※ We try to provide assistance for service requests with an average of 90%, but there is a time no interpreter is available when we are handling heavy calls.

How to Use

1. Make a request

Please call the service phone number to make a request.

Please enter the applicant's information into the application form.

2. Notice of paperwork completed

Cross Language sends an ID and a password for exclusive use by email. Please let the employee who needs the interpreter know about it and how to use the service.