Company soul

Our approach was introduced by TOKYO MX TV (Tokyo and some metropolitan areas / terrestrial digital 9ch) "company soul" (November 1, 2018 broadcast).

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■About broadcast content
We constitute "soul" to become nucleus for us to run translation service based on interview of employee. Based on actual voice of customer who uses our service, it is in contents that there is after the introduction before service introduction and tells about now.

■Program summary of "company soul"
"Soul" With this, it is willpower. Mind. Heart. Natural gifts. Quality. Consideration. Wise strategem. (than the great dictionary third edition)
It is "person", and "soul" for company is "teamwork" and is "thing" and "service" which spend time more, and were developed.
Companies of ... such hot thought to move the world to change Japan to gather!
It is program charming the "soul" of company which camera did not photograph so far.
(from company soul homepage reproduction

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