PAT-Transer V14 for Windows/Legal Transer V5 for Windows

Release of new version of English to Japanese, Japanese to English translation software for the workplace!
Translation software "PAT-Transer V14 for Windows" for exclusive use of patent sentence
Translation software "Legal Transer V5 for Windows" for exclusive use of English contract
 The release simultaneous on <<Thursday, March 19, 2020! >>

 Translation software "PAT-Transer V14 for Windows" for exclusive use of patent sentence sells translation software "Legal Transer V5 for Windows" for exclusive use of English contract to Cross Language Inc. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, representative director: Mitsunobu Fukuta) from Thursday, March 19, 2020.

 "PAT-Transer" and "Legal Transer" are English and Japanese/Japanese to English translation software realizing high-precision translation by to process long sentence and patent sentence/English sentence contract with complicated constitution using original document analysis technology and translation engine, is not provided by conventional general translation software.

 "PAT-Transer" also provides high translation of specialty by translation dictionary which tuned up patent sentence described with unique style exclusively for resolution/sentence processing (translation preprocessing, postprocessing) function to rebuild and patent sentence translation exactly. Since the first edition release of 1998, I receive favorable reception from main car/motor parts, machine in Japan, electric/electronic equipment, intellectual property section of many companies including medicine manufacture connection, development of products section, patent attorney's office.
By realizing high-quality translation by analyzing long sentence and difficult English contract by original technique, "Legal Transer" contributes to speedup and cost cut of business. By translating English contract required by business or negotiations with foreign countries into Japanese quickly, get high evaluation from various places of contract section of many companies.

 Both products translation engine latest together is equipped with in new version. We strengthened essential word dictionary & Domain-specific Dictionaries, example sentence for translation memory, and translation precision improved. In addition, on "Japanese-to-English ⇒ day" when the opposite direction can confirm quality of translation in sentence that translated on the spot by retranslating "English-to-Japanese ⇒ British", is the deployment by the third page translation editor newly. It is equipped with latest "Office 2019/Office365" of Microsoft Office correspondence office add-in translation. It carries OCR (character recognition) software "CROSS OCR V4" translating image as standard equipment.

Product names, JAN barcodes, and standard prices are as follows.
・PAT-Transer V14 for Windows      (4947398118374)  168,000 yen (tax-excluded)
・Legal Transer V5 for Windows      (4947398118466) 128,000 yen (tax-excluded)

Main function of "PAT-Transer V14 for Windows" and "Legal Transer V5 for Windows"
■Latest "Office 2019/Office365" of Microsoft Office correspondence office add-in translation
■"Japanese-to-English ⇒ day", "U.K. English-to-Japanese ⇒" is the new deployment by the third page translation editor
■It is equipped with "PDF consecutive direct file translation" function newly
■It carries multifunctional "translation editor" who realized high-speed handling of large-capacity document
■It is equipped with translation engine of machine translation system that a lot of one of the most companies in Japan adopt
■It is equipped with "translation memory" reusing complete translated sentence by hands function

Main specifications, movement environment
■Supported OS: Microsoft Windows 10/8.1 32bit/64bit version
※The outside where Windows 10S mode is non-compliant, and the use in virtual PC environment is targeted for support
■Required memory: At least 2GB recommended
■Required hard disk space: PAT-Transer V14 for Windows about 2.7GB
             Legal Transer V5 for Windows about 2.6GB
■Software compatible with Office Add-in Translator: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook 2019/2016/2013/2010/365)
           ※Each version is compatible with 32bit / 64bit.  ※Store application is non-compliant
■Browsers compatible with the Homepage Translator: Internet Explorer 11 (32bit/64bit) ※Store application version is non-compliant
■PDF versions compatible with Direct PDF File Translator: PDF1.3 - 2.0
※Limits of PDF Direct File Translator: PDF direct file translation may be carried out without we cannot carry out translation or layout being held by state that PDF file was made. In addition, it does not support PDF files embedded with transparent text.
・Recognizable languages     : Japanese / English
・Recognizable fonts     : Mincho and Gothic fonts
・Recognizable font sizes    : 7-36 points
・Supported image resolutions    : 200 - 400dpi
・Supported picture file formats :PDF /TIFF/JPEG/BMP/PNG
・Supported forms of output     : DOC/XLS/PPT/ text/PDF
※CROSS OCR V4 does not support scanners. Please create a PDF or picture file with the software included in your scanner.

For more detailed information regarding these products, please refer to the following pages.
・PAT-Transer V14 for Windows
・Legal Transer V5 for Windows

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