PC-Transer Honyaku Studio V25/MED-Transer V17

Cross Language Inc. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, representative director: Kenichiro Fukushima) starts sale by translation software "MED-Transer V17 for Windows" that translation software "PC-Transer Honyaku Studio V25 for Windows" of for the fields of business and technology for business use specialized in medical field from Friday, December 7, 2018.

 English that "PC-Transer Honyaku Studio V25 for Windows" was developed for personal computer PC-9801 series made by NEC in 1991 → We count from the first edition of Japanese translation software "PC-Transer" (Transer) and are product becoming the 25th edition. It is translation software of professional specifications that continue improving machine translation engine and translation dictionary for 27 years, and were equipped with translation memory function to reflect Domain-specific Dictionaries covering the field of business - technology and perfection translated text by hands, and to translate.

 In addition, it is version for exclusive use of medicine to be equipped with translation engine that "MED-Transer V17 for Windows" of for the medical field specializes PC-Transer in base for medicine, and gave tuning. Having comprehensively collected the latest medical terms, it outputs the translation results of terms, including nouns, verbs and adjectives,etc. that are different from those of general sentences. In addition, with a highly reliable medical publisher's dictionary, such as the global authority of medical dictionary, "Stedmann Medical English-Japanese Dictionary", this product performs translation, using those medical dictionaries. We put translation memory function on MED-Transer V17 professional. You can register in the data base the original texts and completed translations of your papers in English that you wrote in the past and benefit from the previous translations.

 It is equipped with "Japanese-to-English ⇒ day third page translation editor" that both products are convenient for English making together newly. The latest in the Microsoft Office line "Office 2016/Office 365", and also by incorporating the translation engines and dictionaries.
It comes standard with "CROSS OCR V4", OCR (optical character recognition) software that provides translations for graphical text within PDF files.

Product names, JAN barcodes, and standard prices are as follows.
PC-Transer Honyaku Studio V25 for Windows          (4947398117353) 128,000 yen (tax-excluded)
PC-Transer Honyaku Studio V25 for Windows academic version (4947398117360) 68,000 yen (tax-excluded)
MED-Transer V17 professional for Windows      (4947398117544) 168,000 yen (tax-excluded)
MED-Transer V17 personal for Windows          (4947398117537) 98,000 yen (tax-excluded)

※In MED-Transer V17 personal, come to fault-based translation memory function, Minamiyama temple medicine Dictionary, Kenkyusha medicine English and Japanese dictionary, the Kenkyusha English-Japanese Dictionary for The General Reader.

Main function of "PC-Transer Honyaku Studio V25 for Windows" and "MED-Transer V17 for Windows"
■What has newly been installed in both products is "the Confirmation Translation Mode -- Japanese⇒ English ⇒ Japanese " that is convenient for English writing.
■We strengthen function of "translation memory". It is equipped with all matter indication functions, export function of search results newly
■"Translation Editor" - a multi-functional tool that can process large documents at high speed, that has realized high-speed processing of large sized documents.
■We improve design of "translation memory pane" largely, and operability improves
■Support for Office add-in translator compatible with Windows 10, Office 2016/Office 365, and website translation compatible with Internet Explorer 11
■Equipped with an Office add-in translator function that can translate an office document and keep the original layout, and also a continuous Office file translator function that can process translations in the background.
■Uses the newest version of the translation engine used by the automatic translation services of translation systems used by some of Japan's leading companies.
■It is equipped with "translation memory" reusing complete translated sentence by hands function (except MED-Transer V17 personal)
■Includes the electronic dictionary contents provided by each publishing company. PC-Transer includes "Kenkyusha's English-Japanese Dictionary for The General Reader", and MED-Transer includes MED-Transer "Stedman's English to Japanese Medical Dictionary"
■PC-Transer comes equipped with a domain-specific dictionary version of the Dictionary for Automobiles published by the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc. This makes for an improved accuracy of translations in the field of the automotive industry.

Main system requirements
■Supported OS: Microsoft Windows 10/8.1/7(SP1) 32bit/64bit version ※Windows 10S is incompatible.
■Required memory: At least 2GB recommended
■Required hard disk space: PC-Transer Honyaku Studio V25 for Windows about 2.2GB
             MED-Transer V17 professional for Windows about 2.7GB
             MED-Transer V17 personal for Windows about 2.0GB
■Software compatible with Office Add-in Translator: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook 2016/2013/2010/365)
                 Each version is compatible with 32bit / 64bit.  ※[Office 2013 RT] of Windows RT version and Office of Windows 10S are incompatible.
■Browsers compatible with the Homepage Translator: Internet Explorer 11 (32bit/64bit) ※Store application version IE and Windows 10 S IE are incompatible.
■PDF versions compatible with Direct PDF File Translator: PDF1.2 - 1.7
※Limits of PDF Direct File Translator: PDF Direct File Translator may be unable to carry out translations depending on the conditions through which the PDF file was made,
or the file may be translated but without regard to the layout. In addition, it does not support PDF files embedded with transparent text.
・Recognizable languages :Japanese / English
・Recognizable fonts :Mincho and Gothic fonts
・Recognizable font sizes :7-36 points
・Supported image resolutions :200 - 400dpi
・Supported picture file formats :PDF /TIFF/JPEG/BMP/PNG
・Supported forms of output :DOC/XLS/PPT/ text/PDF
※CROSS OCR V4 does not support scanners. Please create a PDF or picture file with the software included in your scanner.

For more detailed information regarding these products, please refer to the following pages.
・PC-Transer Honyaku Studio V25    https://www.crosslanguage.co.jp/products/pc-transer_v25/
・MED-Transer V17         https://www.crosslanguage.co.jp/products/med-transer_v17/
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