Do you not give "translation solution" to your business? Of services such as the future, advance to overseas market, foreign customer acquisition increase, and globalization accelerates more company.

Please suggest solution using various product/services corresponding to "language barrier-free" that Cross Language provides to your customer.


Effect that is biggest with the smallest cost!
Cross Language Inc. recruits partner suggesting our product together.
Sale support support provides seminar for business education support, partner by becoming us and partner.


We offer service as follows mainly and support by concluding partner contract with us.

  • Merit 1 sale support

    Consultation, support of individual item. Company sales goes, too.
    We respond from plan, suggestion to order.

  • Merit 2 seminar holding

    Holding of seminar for partner

  • Merit 3 business education support

    We educate our handling product and plan reinforcement of suggestion power.

Flow until contract

On the partner contract conclusion, we ask for procedure as follows.

  • 1.Inquiry about recruitment of partners, contract

    When partner with us is examined, we look forward to hearing from than inquiry.

  • 2.Application, examination

    We have you send required document on contracting and we examine in us and go through the procedure.
    ※Please note that you may not meet request depending on contents.

  • 3.The conclusion of contract such as sales agent basics contract, secret maintenance

    After the examination completion, we send contract (two copies).
    You put revenue stamp (for 4,000 yen) on one copy of contract, and you have necessary point seal, and please send back copy to us.

  • 4.Contract start

    It is up to receipt of contracts in us and becomes contract start.