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poketoku W
poketoku S SP
poketoku W SP

It is interactive sound interpreter that people in other party who cannot speak words can talk as native language each other.

AI interpretation machine poketoku of dream

In correspondence with 74 languages,
We can talk with people of the world

It supports 74 languages

It is corresponded to 74 languages until Swahili by English and Chinese. In poketoku S, we translate in text by 19 languages in sound and text by 55 languages.

List of correspondence languages

In cloud +AI
We can translate long sentence instantly, too

Cloud +AI

In the Internet latest, can translate conversation that long sentence such as news broke into by AI (artificial intelligence) as the most suitable engine instantly. Performance improves with time because it is AI.

Mobile communications
"Contract is not necessary, and there is no communication fee"

Contract is not necessary, and there is no communication rate

It is groundbreaking IoT product which is free that poketoku incorporates global eSIM which is just usable in 133 countries and areas and uses in "there are no contract unnecessary, communication fee" for two years. SOURCENEXT bears communication fee at place without Wi-Fi everywhere in the one of the world in place with Wi-Fi and setting is not necessary and is usable.

We chipped SIM card which information necessary for mobile communications was written in at with eSIM. When you use another SIM card, please use slot of the body side.


Well, with the world
Let's do poketoku.


poketoku S

Interpreter + camera translation

  • AI English conversation lesson function
  • It is easy to be connected by larger area
  • Compact business card size

poketoku W


  • Affordable price
  • Translation performance is the same as new model
  • It is usable with large battery for a long time