English and Japanese, Japanese to English translation software for exclusive use of patent sentence

PAT-Transer is translation software of professional specifications suitable for translation of patent sentence. By translation dictionary which tuned up patent sentence described with unique style exclusively for resolution/sentence processing (translation preprocessing, postprocessing) function to rebuild and patent sentence translation, we also realize high translation of specialty exactly.
The output along style of patent sentence that is different from conventional translation software has favorable reception from translator and company person in charge engaged in translation duties about patent.


  • [NEW] Confirmation translation mode evolves to "the third page editor" on "Japanese-to-English ⇒ day" of favorable reception, "U.K. English-to-Japanese ⇒", is implementation with mode newly. Furthermore, efficient translation, composition is possible
  • [improve] We strengthen "PDF direct translation" that we can translate without opening PDF file
    In addition to conventional function to translate without breaking layout, we add "PDF continuation direct file translation" to translate plural PDF files consecutively function
  • [improve] We strengthen "translation memory pain". We can export list of user translation memory which we searched
  • [improve] Office add-in translation "Office 2010/2013/2016/2019/365 (32bit&64bit)" correspondence
  • "Patent preprocessing, patent postprocessing" to analyze patent construction, and to be reconstructed the resolution in element function
  • "Translation editor" who adopted studio type interface which raised productivity of business translation
  • Domain-specific Dictionaries which covered all basic dictionary more than 4.45 million and every field
    High-precision machine translation with 9.12 million dictionaries in total
  • We become Domain-specific Dictionaries and are equipped with [Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc./car glossary of terms]
  • We collect [San-eishobo Publishing/foot technique of judo forest car information dictionary] in automotive engineering Domain-specific Dictionaries
  • Past translation assets, translation works are utilized by the deployment of translation memory (anti-translated text database)
  • It is equipped with "consecutive office file translation" that can translate plural files in a mass tool
  • We open up office file and general-purpose XML by translation editor and we hold layout and XML tag and translate
  • Of the machine translation output by translation setting and learning is customizable
  • It carries character recognition software "CROSS OCR V4"
    Scanned documents and imaged PDF file provide solution to easily make translatable

Lineup and price

Product name JAN cord Standard price (tax-excluded)
PAT-Transer V14 for Windows
(package is edition)
4947398118374 168,000 yen
PAT-Transer V14 for Windows
(downloading is edition)
4947398118442 165,000 yen

Site licence

Product name JAN cord The number of the licenses Unit price (tax-excluded)
PAT-Transer V14 for Windows
It is for license
100 ...
142,800 yen
141,120 yen
139,440 yen
137,760 yen
134,400 yen
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     (user's registration card)
: One piece
・ DVD-ROM : One set
・ Introduction guide : One piece

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Support FAQ: It is for license and what kind of meaning is site licence?


Site licence addition DVD-ROM

Product name JAN cord Quantity Unit price (tax-excluded)
It is for PAT-Transer V14 for Windows license
Additional DVD-ROM
4947398118527 3,000 yen

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※Additional DVD-ROM is available only to the purchase license number.
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Support FAQ: It is for license and what kind of meaning is additional DVD-ROM for license?